Jeff Motes
Mortgage Advisor

NMLS# 1639290
Phone: 210-535-2385
Fax: 210-568-4308

It is our pleasure and passion to work with clients from all walks of life to approve and close their financing – and we are grateful for the opportunity and responsibility that your loan application brings with it. 

The best relationships in life start with a conversation – so let’s start there. We’ll talk about your plans to purchase or refinance and address questions on loans, costs and the property you have in mind. From that point forward, we can pursue the optimal loan type in the context of your life, income, assets, family, and financial plans.

If we’re lending on a home or investment property, the foundation for creating the loan that best fits you as well as your circumstances, needs and goals will be supported with…

1 – Excellent communication as the bedrock of a successful borrower experience and availability as the vehicle for arriving at our shared goal of loan approval and funding.

2 – Smart technology that facilitates a smooth loan process and respects your time while enhancing the ability to fulfill our commitments to you.

3 – Passionate people who are difference makers and work smarter, follow-through and stay accountable to the goal of turning your experience with us into joy and excitement at closing.

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